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Faculty and staff guidelines for developing a social media strategy

Before initiating your social media channel, you are encouraged to develop a social media strategy. The strategy should be approved by your dean or director before submitting the form for review by the Social Media Committee.

When developing a social media strategy it is recommended to take the following into account:

  • Communication goals and objectives;
  • Target audience needs and interests;
  • Resources available to create content and maintain the channel; and
  • Whether a given social media technology is the appropriate channel to meet your communication objectives.

If your faculty or department decides to pursue the development of a social media channel your strategy should address five key success factors:

1.  Listening: find and monitor the conversations already taking place in the social media sphere about the university, your unit and your area of interest.

2.  Influencing: identify and follow key influencers in your area of interest and learn what they consider valuable within the social media realm.

3.  Engaging: develop creative ways to provide value to your audiences through exclusive
content, offers, advice, multimedia and more.

4.  Converting: persuade your audience to act on behalf of the university and your area,
whether it is information sharing, relationship building or influencing outcomes such as participation in a research project.

5.  Measuring: ensure your social media effort is set up for success by establishing measurable goals and returning to them regularly. 

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