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Social media guidelines

Download the social media guidelines document.

Whether you are a faculty member using social media to enhance the classroom experience, or a staff member charged with the exciting task of growing the social media presence for your department or faculty, these guidelines are intended to help you quickly navigate the evolving world of social technologies.

Campus community members make meaningful connections all over the world. Social media makes the excellent research, teaching, learning and community outreach taking place at the university even more accessible.

It is important for all university faculty, staff and students to be aware of social media and how social technologies can help to create and nurture relationships, share information, advance knowledge, raise awareness, build support, participate in important conversations and
collaborate on new ideas.

If we incorporate engaging with social media as a part of our overall university communications experience, we can even more effectively tell the compelling stories about our people, places and programs, and support the university’s motto to challenge, innovate and connect.

Social media simply provides a fun, creative and personal way to interact with people you might not otherwise connect with using more traditional tools.

Faculty and staff members are invited to evaluate what, if any, social media technologies are appropriate for their communication needs.

These guidelines are intended to ensure the appropriate and effective use of social media. 
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