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Content submission guidelines

All content will be vetted by the Communications and Marketing department before being published to the digital signage network. This process includes content, video and image editing to ensure brand compliance and quality.

To submit content fill out the digital signage content submission form. New ideas are always encouraged, and if you have one that you would like to submit, please complete the idea suggestion form.

Depending on the type and amount of content, a certain number of days will be required to complete the editing process. The minimum timelines for these are outlined below:

  • Formatted text and images will require minimum two days;
  • Video will require minimum two weeks; and
  • Emergency information will be displayed as quickly as possible, once verified.

Acceptable content formats

Digital signage can be used to display a variety of content. Digital signage guidelines have been developed to ensure consistency and reduce editing time. All content should be submitted as close to broadcast-ready as possible as per the following:

Text (announcements, events etc.)

  • Should be submitted via our content submission form;
  • Digital signage should only use short, concise messaging
  • Suggested content length is a short title, maximum 2 sentences of content and a short URL for more information
  • Animation will be automated - custom animations for text is not currently available;
  • Slides will usually be displayed for 20 seconds each; and
  • All text will be put into an existing or custom template, created by Communications and Marketing.


  • If submitting images or pre-designed signage, the original layered file (.PSD, .EPS, or .AI) will need to be provided to Communications and Marketing;
  • Slides will usually be displayed for 20 seconds each;
  • All content must follow our branding and editorial guidelines and use either ITC Franklin Gothic or Arial font;
  • Minimum recommended font size is 60px for body copy and 90px for titles, to ensure proper visibility at a distance;
  • Images must meet AODA contrast requirements. Colours can be tested using an online tool found at; and
  • Contact the web and digital media team for a PSD template that can be used to design an acceptable image.


  • All video concepts will need to be approved by Communications and Marketing before proceeding;
  • If custom video needs to be recorded, use the video and photography request form to set up a time and location;
  • No audio will be included with videos on digital signage. It is not recommended to have videos with a person speaking with captions - this does not have the same impact on a digital screen as it does on a PC; and
  • For best results, videos should be formatted for 1080p resolution.
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