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Main Contact Information

North Oshawa Library

Circulation: 905.721.3082
Reference: 905.721.8668 x2390
Fax: 905.721.3029
Address: 2000 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa

Education Library

Tel.: 905.721.8668 x2976
Address: 11 Simcoe Street North, Oshawa

Social Science Library

Tel.: 905.721.8668 x5644
Address: 61 Charles Street, Oshawa


Staff Directory

North Oshawa Library


Downie, Karin Access Services Manager x2967
Drayson, Pamela Chief Librarian x2348
Feuer, Gabor IT Manager x2974
Mittlestead, Carol  Associate Librarian for Collections  x2005

Circulation Services

Coleshill, Laurie Library Technician x2986
Dubis, Jane Library Technician x2412
Dumratt, John Library Technician x2985
Horruzey, Jacqueline  Library Technician  x2741
Kingston, Laurie Library Technician x2705
Kirkham, Robyn Library Technician x2915
White, Lisa Library Technician x3662

Reference Services

Tel.: 905.721.8668 x2390

Caddies, Allison Reference Technician x2652
Johns-Wilson, Trish  Librarian - Health Sciences x2388
Harding, Katie Librarian - Science, Engineering & Energy x5360
Labine, Helen Librarian - General Reference x2963
Zhou, Nathalie Librarian - Science  x2966

Interlibrary Loan

Caddies, Allison  Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery  x2652


Kirkham, Robyn  Reserve Library Technician  x2915

Cataloguing and Processing

Corcoran, Cathy  Technical Services Library Technician  x2423
Duke, Debbie Technical Services Library Technician x2972

Library Information Technology

Areekkal, Likhith  Library Technical Support x2916
Johnson, Marcia Digital Resources & Services Librarian  x2775

Special Projects

Hanson, Kathryn  Special Projects Officer  x2399

Education Library

Gibbings, Kate Librarian - Education  x2976
Regehr, Rebecca  Library Technician x2976

Social Science Library

Perkin, Kathleen Library Technician x5644
Martin, Janet Library Technician x5648
Lalonde, Chelsie  Librarian - Social Sciences & Humanities  x5651
Wheaton, Kristy Library Technician x5644
Wilton, Alison Library Technician x5647
Woods, Victoria Library Technician x5646
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