Welcome to WebCT Vista!

Your new learning management system will give you access to a greater number of tools and resources, all designed to make learning easier. You'll also have greater flexibility when it comes to your studies since you'll have an opportunity to learn at your own pace, and on your own time.

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Browser Check

We highly recommend that everyone perform a browser check before logging in to ensure your computer is properly configured to use Vista. > Run a Browser Check

Pop-up Blockers

Vista makes use of pop-up windows. If you have a pop-up blocker installed, please disable it while using Vista.

Configuring Your Browser

In order to access your online course, your computer must be properly configured. If you're having trouble with some aspect of Vista, please take a look at the WebCT Browser Tuneup to ensure that your machine meets all the requirements.

Still having problems? We are here to help! Please e-mail or call 905.721.3333